Bikers ride for MAMaâ??s

The Panhandle Mothers Against Methamphetamine hosted its first Ride for MAMa's event Sunday afternoon to help raise money for the organization.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2009, 1.2 million Americans age 12 and older had abused methamphetamine.

The Panhandle Mothers Against Methamphetamine provides support for families dealing with methamphetamine problems and spreads awareness of the dangers of the drug.

The motorcycle run started at Tripp's Harley Davidson off I-40 West and ended with a celebration at Buzula Furniture Outlet. The celebration included live music, raffle prizes and food.

"This ride here is a good cause for the mothers and the families that have had to deal with the meth problems in their lives," said local biker Larry Place. "It's great because we all like to ride our bikes and stuff and be out in the element."

Spokeswoman of the Panhandle Mothers Against Methamphetamine, Jody Jones said fundraisers for non-profits organizations like them are always needed, but this event held a special purpose for members.

"We lost a dear, dear board member about a year and a half ago," said Jones. "He loved motorcycles so we kind of dedicated this to him."

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