Big News: It rained in Amarillo

Don't freak out.

That "stuff" you heard overnight was indeed, a storm.

YES, it rained in the Texas Panhandle!

Overnight, the Texas Panhandle, including the Amarillo and Canyon areas, received some much needed precipitation. Along with the soaking rain, the area received extremely heavy winds and countless cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

Storm Search 7's Exclusive SchoolNet showed areas of the Amarillo area receiving nearly one inch of rain. Also, winds were clocked in excess of 85 mph.

Numerous power lines were knocked out and Xcel Energy crews remain hard at work to restore power to those affected.

In what is being described as one of the driest years on record, most places throughout the metro received as much rain as they had seen all year, last night! The last significant moisture came about 136 days ago, on February 10 with snow.

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