Big Church, Little Church, Old Church, New Church: Hillside Christian Church

Hillside Christian Church is a big church, but that church can also be a little church.

They have several campuses, one in the south on Bell, one in the west on Soncy, a Canyon church, one in Dalhart and Lubbock and two planned in the north part of Amarillo.

So the Canyon campus is really an informal smaller version of the larger congregation.

Judy Stallwitz of Hillside says, "Hillsideâ??s mission can be summed up in just 14 words â?? to love God as we lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

Churches in small towns can make an impact too.

At the First United Methodist Church in Tulia, Kenneth Wyatt, the western artistâ??s paintings cover the walls.

Wyatt is known for his western art but heâ??s painted quite a few religious ones.

His work "The Apostles" was first displayed at the church in Tulia, but now itâ??s in thousands of churches across the world.

Wyatt started his life as a preacher at the age of 14.

He says, "I wanted to preach and the Bishop needed preachers and he called and said would you be interested and I said, boy would! Because I knew I was supposed to preach the Gospel."