Better Business Bureau offers tips to avoid sweepstakes scams

An Amarillo couple nearly became victims of a sweepstakes scam.

The couple received a phone call early Sunday morning claiming to be from UPS. The man over the phone said he had a check from Publishers Clearing House for $200,000 and needed them to verify someinformation. Luckily they knew something wasn't right and didn't provide the caller with any information and called the police.

However, numerous people aren't as fortunate and they fall victim to scams every year.

The Better Business Bureau states that this is the time of year we're going to see a lot of scams associated with Publishers Clearing House. Scammers will use well-known companies to lure people into giving up information.

"These names will be used in the scam just to convince you," said Janna Kiehl president of the Better Business Bureau. "If you receive a phone call saying that you won a prize and you have to give personal information, a bank account number, even personal identifying information about yourself, that's a red flag."

Here are a few tips that they advise those that receive notification of winning a prize:

-Remember that nearly all of these notifications are fraudulent

-Never wire money. Wire transfers are like cash and can't be recovered

-You should never have to send money to receive any winnings from a lottery or sweepstakes

-Be suspicious of winning something you never bought a ticket for or entered.

If you have any questions about a sweepstakes offer contact the BBB at or by calling (806) 379-6222.