Better Business Bureau investigates possible Internet scam

With gas prices so high, wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to get half your money back after you fill up at the pump?

Well, that's exactly what one company says it can do for you but you know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and the Better Business Bureau says the "Fill 'Er Up Club" has yet to follow through with its claims.

Pronews Seven has been part of this investigation with the B.B.B. for months now.

To be part of this club, you have to pay $10 a month and buy gas certificates in $200 bundles.

Then "Fill 'Er Up" supposedly sends you vouchers, and you get gas and turn in your receipts.

Of that, you are supposed to get roughly half your money back, but the problem is it hasn't made good on its promise.

"We sent them a fee to be part of the "Fill 'Er Up Club" and we followed all the rules, we turned in all of our receipts and to date we have no money," said Janna Kiehl.

The Better Business Bureau started its investigation in February into the legitimacy of this club.

And so far, says Kiehl, it has not proven that it's going to pay anyone.

"First they say we did send the money on this date and this date, you should have received a check from us and then another we'll hear that they actually are holding the check for one reason or another."

Tuesday the B.B.B. received an e-mail from the company saying it is restructuring its entire business model, and things are going to be held up for a while.

Kiehl says that will deprive people of their reimbursement checks even longer, if they ever intended to pay anybody anything.

"People that got involved with this and sent money are expecting a little bit of return for their investment. So far nothing has come to fruition, so you have to ask yourself, if they're restructuring right now and they're trying to do something different with the company, where were they three months ago or four months ago when they should have sent some money as promised and never did."

Kiehl says our local B.B.B. will partner with the bureau in Houston, where the "Fill 'Er Up Club" is located, to continue the investigation.

They will try to find out what the real problems are.

Kiehl says she'd love to know if the company isn't a fraud, but if more investigation is necessary, the B.B.B. will call the attorney general's office and ask for its people to look into "Fill 'Er Up" some more.