Best Buy offers buybacks, trade-ins in preparation for iPad3

The iPad3 is scheduled to hit shelves this Friday, and Apple fans across America are letting go of their previous models.

This time last year, Apple updated from the iPad to the iPad2. It seems the company wastes no time when it comes to bigger and better.

Best Buy is one of the companies offering a buyback program for iPads, and PC Supervisor Sheldon Downing said many have come into the store to free their hands for the upcoming iPad3.

"It's going to have a lot better screen on it," he said. "It's going to have the retina display now like with all the iPhones. It's also going to have the faster processor. It'll have a better camera, so instead of having the 1.3MPx like the last one, it's going to have a 5MPx now- so, a lot better camera."

Best Buy customers can take their completely functional iPads to the store and get cash or a gift card in return. Downing said everyday wear and tear is no problem.

"It's better to have it in good condition, not scratched, not damaged in any way. Also, it's better to have the power block and a sync cable. That way we can get you the full value. We do take either cash or gift cards for those. The better value being the gift cards and that varies per day."

Customers who purchase their new iPads from Best Buy get a little something extra.

"If you purchase with us in-store, we do offer a buyback," Downing stated. "So, that does give you a set value for your trade-in over the next few years."

Downing said values on iPads that are brought in range between $50 and $350.

Apple has not yet given Best Buy a time for release on Friday, but, according to Downing, the store plans to let customers know as soon as it finds out.