Bell St. construction impacts Goodwill store customer numbers

Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas officials said the consturction on Bell Street is impacting customer numbers. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

The construction on Bell Street continues to frustrate Amarillo drivers and now the Goodwill on Bell Street is seeing a negative impact on customer numbers.

"I'm a nervous wreck right now because I have panic attacks and I had to drive all the way around this construction to get here," said Dumas resident Maria Saxton. "It’s scary. I’m still shaking."

Saxton drives from Dumas to Amarillo to shop at the Goodwill store on Bell Street, but the construction in the area is getting the best of her.

She and other Goodwill customers said that construction is a major inconvenience, forcing them to plan around the winding detour.

"I do really have to plan a time of how busy is traffic going to be," said Amarillo resident Roxanne Maddox. "Do I need to try to reroute another way?"

"I parked across the street and walked because I didn’t want to spend the gas to drive all the way around,“ said Amarillo resident Belinda Andrews. "If I didn’t figure out that I could walk across, I would not come to the Goodwill. “

And just when drivers said they think they’ve got it all figured out, something happens.

"Either they’ve got another part of it shut down, the way you think you’re going to go, it’s very frustrating," said Maddox.

Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas CEO Robin Raney tells ABC 7 News while the construction is causing a drop in the number of customers walking through the door, it’s not impacting their sales revenue.

"Our customers are very loyal and in fact are die-hard treasure hunters, so they’re not going to let a little detour get in their way of coming to the stores," said Raney. "I think since they have to work a little harder to get here, they’re staying a little bit longer, so our sales per transaction have gone up."

Both Raney and the shoppers said they’re anxious for the Bell Street bridge construction to be complete, so they’re able to get to and from one of their favorite shops in Amarillo.

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