Believer's Way Church donates food to Salvation Army

A local congregation has pulled together to fill a trailer of food for an organization that helps thousands around the holidays.

The people of Believer's Way Church in Amarillo spent the last four weeks collecting food to donate to The Salvation Army.

As soon as church let out Sunday afternoon, paper bags were filled with food of all kinds and loaded into a trailer.

Associate Pastor Joe Prestwood says this is the second year the church has done a food drive for The Salvation Army.

"It really actually started a couple of summers ago," Prestwood said. "Our Senior Pastor and Founder Scott Johnson, he was actually watching the news one day and found out that the shelves at The Salvation Army were empty. So, he came back to the church and said, 'You know what? We need to do something about it.'"

The purpose of this generosity? According to Prestwood, the church simply wants to help.

"We like to take care of our people here and we like to do things that we can," he said. "And we have different programs for that, like at Christmas time coming up. But this is just, you know, the time of the year is a great time to reach out to the community and just tell them, 'Hey, we love you guys and we're here to do whatever we can for you.'"

The Salvation Army is accepting food donations throughout the remainder of the holidays.