Behind the scenes of Amarillo's Animal Control changes

Interim Director Scott McDonald took Pronews 7's Marissa Lucero on a tour of Amarillo's Animal Control facility after several upgrades have been made.

Walls are being removed, procedures being put in place and everyone in-and-out of the doors at Amarillo's Animal Control is being held accountable by a new security system.

Today the city participated in a nationwide Just One Campaign, but this was an opportunity for the public and Pronews 7 to really see the changes being conducted behind closed doors.

"Transparency because that's open government," Interim Director Scott McDonald said. "There's no secrets, there's no mysteries, there's no anything and I think that's a lot of it is that people just don't see, don't know or end up making these assumptions."

The upgrades include: a new scale, security cameras, a computer management system but most importantly the strict procedures now put into place McDonald said Animal Control officers are instructed to follow.

"If we have an animal control truck come in what they'll do is unload the animal, and this is where the impoundment process takes places," McDonald said. "Part of what we do is the officers look for the appropriate kennel, for size, sex and once they identify that they'll unload the animal and bring the animal in in here."

McDonald said there are still changes the department will either continue to improve on or implement in order to become a model facility.