BBB looks back at 'Filler Up Club' scam

      Many of us are looking for quick ways to save a few bucks at the gas pump. A year ago ProNews 7 and Amarillo's Better Business Bureau started getting a lot of calls about the Filler Up Club and started to look into it.

      The BBB joined the club in January. They had to pay a $200 membership fee and then $10 every month they were a member.

      "We then went and put gas in our cars and sent in our receipts. The company did give us a rebate check for $135. So do the math," said Janna Kiehl, CEO of Amarillo Business Bureau. "We spent $230, we did get $135 back but before we could get anymore the company was out of business."

      So, the BBB lost $95.

      "From what our investigation shows the company ran out of business because they ran out of money. They're claiming one of the partners, someone else, someone we didn't know anything about, left with all the money," said Kiehl.

      That investigation is ongoing.

      The Filler Up Club received an "F" on the BBB scale and is not accredited.

      As for other clubs, economist Karr Ingham says they are not the best solution.

      "It really only matters if you can find gasoline that's significantly cheaper where you happen to live," Karr said. "There's just really very little variation."

      So keep in mind, if an organization asks for money up front the way the Filler Up Club did, it should be a red flag.