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      Battle of the moms

      It is a battle of the mothers.

      Stay-at-home moms verses working moms.

      The issue has been thrust back into the spotlight after negative comments over Mitt Romney's wife, Ann.

      She has never worked a day in her life, instead, she chose to stay home and raise five boys.

      Two Amarillo mothers decided to talk about their time, both working and staying home.

      K im Smith is a stay-at-home mother.

      S he has two young children and fosters a 7-year-old.

      " I ts a lot of work ," Smith said. "I' m more exhausted and more tired than I've ever been having a real job in the working force."

      S mith was in the navy for almost five years before she had her daughter.

      " I missed out on the first year and a half of my daughter's life ," Smith said. "S he started walking in daycare."

      S mith was not about to let that happen again.

      N ow that Smith is out of the navy and staying at home, she really has her hands full.

      "I t's a full time job. It's not like we just sit around the house and play with the kids," she said. "We're active with them and take them to the free classes and the zoo. We're busy enriching our kids lives. Not just sitting at home watching TV, a lot of us have husbands that work crazy schedules and we don't have help."

      E dith Welch is a rare and lucky working mom.

      S he gets the best of both world s .

      H er daughter goes to preschool where Welch teaches.

      " I didn't work for four years ," Welch said. "T his is my first job."

      S he says she loves her job and the freedom it brings.

      " G etting out and meeting new people and not sitting at home doing housework ," she said. "M aking a little bit of money and shopping and doing things you want to do for yourself."

      W elch says given the two options, she would choose working.

      S he says it is something she gets to do for herself, a break from being a 24-7 mother.

      D espite the two mom's differences they both agree that taking care of children is a full time job.