Bark Beetles attack trees throughout the Texas Panhandle

Bark Beetles are infesting trees throughout the area including several outside the Potter County Courthouse.

The European Elm Bark Beetle has now arrived in the Texas Panhandle and is causing destruction throughout the area. These bugs are infesting several different types of Elm, Cedar, Pine and Evergreen trees.

â??Weâ??ve had drought-stressed trees and a high rain rate last fall and this spring, so the rain has really spiked the insect population and therefore we are having a problem with the bark beetles now," said certified arborist Jake McWhorter.

McWhorter says the company he works for, Arborlogical Inc, receives one to two calls a day about an infestation.

"Half of the trees in The Colonies, half the trees in The Greenways are going to be affected. That's a huge cost to the homeowner and a huge property increase if you do have healthy trees," said McWhorter.

But it isnâ??t just residential areas being affected. Several government buildings are also facing the same problem.

â??We did our fall fertilization, our spring fertilization, all the insecticides we do that every year for these trees and that didn't stop it,â?? said Potter County Assistant Director of Facilities Nick Ward.

While some of these trees can be saved with treatments, others are rotting and having to be removed. Companies like Arborlogical Inc say this problem is very costly and, depending on the size of the tree, it could be about $600 to $700 a tree.

But the good news is McWhorter believes this problem isnâ??t going to be a permanent one.