Bands strum at Golden Light for cancer awareness

The Golden Light Cantina filled with people on Sunday for the concerts benefitting the American Cancer Society.

"Personally, I've had scares of cancer, people in my family, my boyfriend Brent's family has been affected by cancer," Event Coordinator Michala Yearwood said. "So, like I said, there's not one person that doesn't know somebody that's been affected."

That was her initiative to organize the event in hopes of reminding the community about the importance of cancer awareness. Yearwood said the timing of the event was perfect since the Relay for Life will take place this coming Saturday.

Well-known local bands brought people to the 6th Street sensation where they enjoyed live Texas music, cold beer and food. Among the performers were Josh Paulson, Casey Berry, Buster Bledsoe, Tommy Gallagher, Kit Koop and Jonathon Torres. Hayden Gibbs is another singer/songwriter who dedicated his time to the cause.

"7.6 million people die every year worldwide due to cancer," he stated. "It's really a big deal and there's all kinds of different therapies they have going on now and that stuff costs a lot to research. So, every dollar helps."

Like many people across the country, Gibbs has a heartbreaking connection to cancer.

"Both of my parents actually passed away from pancreatic cancer. My father passed back in October and my mom in July of 2009. So, it's a pretty big deal for me. That's why I personally really come out here and really want to help get it solved."

Perhaps a solution will soon be met. Research continues to bring scientists and doctors closer to finding a cure. And with support like that shown at The Golden Light on Sunday, people will continue researching and patients will continue fighting.

Cost of admission to the concerts was $5 per person. The amount of money raised will soon be posted to this story.