Bail set for Borger family members involved in drug conspiracy

Thomas Salazar

The final members of the Fernandez family involved in the highly publicized drug conspiracy case are being granted bail.

In a federal court Wednesday afternoon, Jose "Junior" Fernandez, 37, Aaron Fernandez, 26 and Francisco "Frank" Fernandez, 43 were granted bail.

Aaron's bond was set at $25,000. Frank and Jose's bond were each set at $50,000.

All three of them men will be on a home-confined program which includes an electronic ankle monitor. In addition, travel for the men is restricted, they cannot be around firearms, alcohol or narcotics and they are subject to medical testing.

According to the judge, Frank and Aaron can be released once they are returned to Randall County. Jose can be released once his passport is obtained.

Frank and Aaron must report to the probation office by 9 a.m. Thursday, officials said.

The arraignment for this case was originally scheduled for Tuesday afternoon but a continuance was granted. In a separate case, Frank's wife, Amy Fernandez, 43, was released on a bail of $20,000. She is charged with structuring, or attempting to structure, a financial transaction.

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The Fernandez men all are charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics.

All were taken into custody last week. They were included in the nine people arrested in the Amarillo area. The charges were outlined in recently unsealed federal criminal complaints.

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Charged with the Fernandez men was Thomas Joseph Salazar, 23. He was also granted a continuance Tuesday. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday at 1:30 because he did not yet have a lawyer. At last word, the judge said he still did not have an attorney.

Members of the Fernandez family present in court declined to comment to Pronews 7.