Bags of meth found on a local elementary school playground

Bags of meth were found on a playground on Bivins Elementary School.

A mother of a student at Bivins Elementary School found bags of methamphetamine like substances on the school's playground.

Jerry Neufeld, spokesperson for the Amarillo Police Department, said they were able to determine the substance was meth after doing a field test.

"At this point now, it's determining who dropped it, who left itâ?¦That's where it's going to become difficult," Neufeld said.

He also said other empty bags were found in the area when officers were investigating. Both officers and drug dogs inspected the area and have found it to be safe for the children.

For parents, this is an alarming incident.

Winslow Ellis is the father of two students who attend Bivins Elementary School.

"We were pretty shocked, we know drugs are everywhere but actually have it right in your front yard or across the street anyways was a little scary because our kids play over there all the time," Ellis said.

He said this served as an opportunity to speak with his children about the dangers of drugs.

Ellis also spoke with the principal of Bivins Elementary School to see how the school was handling the situation.

In a statement released to Pronews 7, the Amarillo Independent School District said, "We are concerned anytime we learn a controlled substance may have been found around a school in a drug-free zone. Over the weekend, the entire property at Bivins Elementary was searched and no drugs were found. School administrators have and will continue to cooperate with police while they investigate this matter."

Aside from conversations at home, School Resource Officers are placed in districts to speak with students about topics regarding drug awareness and use.

Tim Nguyen, a Potter County Sherriff's Office SRO, said topics and conversations depends on who he's talking to.

"On young ki


s, some of the things we found successful is hitting the bigger stuff, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, prescription pills are a big one. If you see something don't touch it," Nguyen