Baby Brooks update

Ethan Mcclenney leaving the Hartley County Courthouse

Today at the Hartley County Courthouse in Channing, a Child Protective Services hearing was held for the baby who was found in a Dalhart dumpster back in July.

Ethan McClenney from Olton, Texas, came forward claiming to be the father. His family was in attendance supporting his attempt to seek custody of the baby. McClenney has agreed to submit to a paternity test requested by the judge.

McClenney is being represented by Attorney Ashley Cox.

Several others testified today including Brian S


, the father of 21-year-old Shonnie Smalley, the baby's mother. However, S


evoked his 5th amendment right, refusing to answer any questions presented to him.

The couple who first found the baby in a Dalhart dumpster also testified. Both confirmed the baby had maggots on his left eye and abrasions to his head when discovered.

Those details were also confirmed during the testimony of the nurse from the hospital where the baby was first taken.