Babes with Bullets hits the bull's-eye in Amarillo

Babes with Bullets was in Amarillo and attracted shooters from seven states.

Nationally known Babes with Bullets are in Amarillo at Amarillo Rifle and Pistol Club.

This three day program is led by an all-female professional shooting staff.

The training camp teaches novice women how to shoot a variety of handguns, including working from a holster and shooting on the move.

"They at first learn grip, stance, site picture, target acquisition, and where there body should be," said Deb Ferns Camp Director. "Most importantly we give them a hour and a half the very first morning on safety."

Babes with Bullets in Amarillo attracted women from seven states that ranged from beginners to advanced shooters.

The camp is also led by Lisa Munson who is the senior instructor and several times national and world champion in shooting sports.

"Fear to us is a lack of knowledge, we give them knowledge, they lose the fear and we tell them never lose the respect of the firearm," said Munson.

Every attendee had a different reason for being present, but all were proud to be a woman, with a gun.

"I think women need to learn to protect themselves because unfortunately in this day in age, we're not always safe in our homes," said Christi Furguson who was a participant. "I think it's very important to properly protect yourself."

The camp will end Sunday afternoon and each participant will have shot 500-600 rounds in practice

using a .22 caliber and .9mm.