Autopsy results expected Wednesday on hiker

Randall County Authorities say they expect preliminary results Wednesday afternoon from an autopsy done on 47-year-old Gerald Christoph Folser.

The Austrian man, from Linz, apparently fell to his death Monday afternoon in Palo Duro Canyon.

He had a hiking partner who reported him missing.

After an extensive search, the Department of Public Safety helicopter was called in and Folserâ??s body was located in a deep ravine.

Judge Jerry Bigham declared Folser dead about 8pm, but it took more than five hours for authorities to recover the body.

Randall County Sheriffâ??s Office PIO, Danny Alexander, says "It took quite a process because they had to bring him out in a â?¦basket by ropes. By the time they got him out it was dark. I heard them call for a chainsaw so they could cut some of the brush to get down to him."

While the precise cause of death is not known at this time, the incident points to the importance of being mindful in the Canyon.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Superintendent, Cory Evans, says, "We try to get the word out to tell visitors of the potential of heat related illness, and try to educate them. Bring plent of water, wear head protection and make sure they hike in the morning hours."