Authorities crackdown on drunk drivers for Fourth of July weekend

Itâ??s a crime that is 100% preventable, yet thousands continue to lose their lives over it. Local authorities are cracking down on drunk driving this holiday weekend and are urging motorists to be smart and drive sober.

â??We obviously recognize that itâ??s a very dangerous time of year,â?? said Sergeant Steve Davis of the Amarillo Police Department. â??Thereâ??s more people killed during the July 4


celebrations than any other holiday throughout the year.â??

The Texas Department of Transportation has kicked off its Faces of Drunk Driving safety campaign in efforts to save lives. Throughout the month of July, TxDOT is hosting events across the state where safety advocates, law enforcement and victims of drunk driving will come together to share their stories.

â??We really want you to know a summary of what you can cause when you drink and drive,â?? said Amarillo TxDot spokesman, Paul Braun. â??So really the Faces of Drunk Driving is to try and put that crystal face on the picture of the drunk driving to try and get across that if you choose to drink and drive that maybe itâ??s not a good idea.â??

Independence Day is ranked amongst the deadliest times on Texas roadways. Last year there were 133 alcohol-related crashes in Texas. Local law enforcement is increasing their presence to try and cut down on the problem.

â??I think that people notice the extra enforcement and thatâ??s what weâ??re hoping for is that they wonâ??t even resort to driving after consuming alcohol,â?? said Sergeant Davis. â??Hopefully most people know that weâ??re going to be out there and theyâ??ll take precautions, such as having a designated driver and such and keep us from having to do anything.â??

If you find yourself stuck in a tough spot, local taxi companies like Jack and Sons Family Taxi Service are available to get you home.

â??Weâ??re offering 24 hour services on holidays, especially 4


of July,â?? said Jack and Sons owner, Jack Jewett. â??When people want to go to the bar and get a drink, call a cab.â??

With more than enough taxi services available and heavy police presence, officials say drinking and driving this Fourth of July weekend should never be the answer.

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