Attempted child abduction at Borger Walmart

UPDATE Thursday 12:10pm
Ham has been arraigned and bond set at $75000. Ham has now been sent to the Hutchinson County Jail.

UPDATE Thursday 12pm

Borger Police have confirmed they have Gerardo Wall Ham, 34, a resident of Mexico, in custody for suspected unlawful restraint. In cooperation with county sheriffs and DPS officers it was determined were the vehicle and the suspect could be found. Ham has not been arraigned and no bond has been set. Ham was in possession of a counterfeit New Mexico drivers license. Officers also believe that Ham is an illegal alien.

UPDATE Thursday 8a
Police have confirmed the suspect was taken into custody.

Borger Police are looking for a man who grabbed a child at the Borger Walmart.

BP officers began searching the store after they received information from a plain clothed officer in the store. The officers immediately began searching the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him.

Investigators said they believe that the child had wander alone to the toy aisle. The suspect grabbed an 11 year old female around the chest and began to lift her up, police said.

The child, according to poilice, then began screaming. The suspect let go of the girl and left the store.

Investigators used surveillance footage from both Walmart and United Supermarket, located nearby, to determine what the suspect was wearing and where he went after exiting the store.

The suspect left the store parking lot in a white four-door truck with equipment in the truck bed in an unknown direction.

Officers are still intensely searching for the suspect and the vehicle.

Anyone with information to the incident, suspect or vehicle, are asked to contact Borger Crime Stoppers at 806-274-6371 or 806-273-0930.