Atmos overcharges being reimbursed to customers

Atmos are refunding overcharges made to customers accounts.

Up to 2300 Atmos customers received overcharges drafted from their credit and debit card accounts on Sunday, when the vendor that Atmos uses incorrectly charged customers.

The vendor charged customers who paid by credit or debit card through a automatic draft. Some of the drafts were ten times the actual amount of their current gas bill.

In a press release, Atmos Energy said they have contacted all affected customers to let them know that their bank accounts will be reimbursed in full including any fees or charges resulting from the over charges.

The incident did not affect all customers and the company officials want to reassure their customers the vender has fixed the problem.

Atmos Energy servers more than three million customers in eight different states.

For customers who are still concerned or have any questions they should call the companies toll free number 1-888-286-6700.