As Spring nears, City says â??Every Drop Counts.â??

Now that the lawn is starting to change, itâ??s a good time of year to think about what youâ??re going to do in your yard. Traditional yards can use a lot of water, but there are alternatives.ã??

The City of Amarilloâ??s Emmett Autry says "Weâ??re starting to see a little more xeriscaping activity in the city." Richard Freeze of Freeze Chiropractic Neurology xeriscapes outside his office. "We donâ??t have to hire somebody to come do the grass and it really doesnâ??t take much water and it looks good."ã??

Kenneth King at Coulter Gardens says a good way to conserve water while watering the lawn is to get a watering pan "and see how long it takes to get an inch with your sprinklers." He suggests watering by that measurement, three inches a week, rather than by time. It is important to do something if you want to maintain property value.ã??

Dana Thompson of Keller Williams Realtors says "property values diminish when you have a house that is not being maintained."