Arrow Child and Family Ministries is asking you to help a child

Arrow Child and Family Ministries is a place where children who have been neglected, abused or abandoned by their families can find a safe and loving home.

If you knew that a helpless child was in need, could you turn away? Arrow is asking for your help.

"We'll serve about 200 kids in our emergency shelter, about 18-19 on average per day," said Keith Howard Arrow State Director. "Locally, in this community, there are 340 approximately in foster care today from Randall and Potter County."

The ministry cares for children up to 90 days or until they can find a stable foster home for the child.

With such a large number, the needs of the faith based, non-profit organizations are continuous.

Along with the shelter needs list and monthly giving plan, this month they're hoping to give the children a traditional Christmas.

"Also what I think is really important, as we're sharing time with the family and friends and all the wonderful things we do during the Christmas season, is remember the kids who don't have a home," said Howard. "One of the biggest things you can give a child during the season is the gift of your home and opening your home to be a foster/adoptive parent."

It an out-of-sight, out-of-mind matter, but spend just a little time with these children, and you'll find they're anything but forgettable.

"The kids are amazing they want love, they want stability, they want support, and really I've always thought of it as I work in this field that. I'm not blessing the kids, they're blessing me," said Howard.

In the panhandle, Howard says, there are more than 1,000 children who need a helping hand and says you can be the difference in the life of a hurting child.

"These are children who need our voice, the community's voice to recognize who they are and really step up, whether it's foster parents or an adoptive parent, or being a giver of their resources or even their time. To serve these kids is a pretty cool capacity."

For more on how to get involved or to donate visit their Facebook page or the Arrow website.