Arrest made in conjunction with Hastings shooting

Derrick James Mason was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon for the March 16 Hastings shooting.

Officers arrest 24-year-old Derrick James Mason in conjunction with the March 16 shooting at Hastings Entertainment at Wolflin Ave. and Georgia St.

The shooting took place at approximately 10 p.m. on Sunday night. The victim stated that he and his girlfriend were approached by the suspect in the parking lot. The suspect has been known to solicit money from patrons while writing on his notepad. The suspect has been asked to leave several local businesses for similar activity.

The suspect approached the victim, reached in his pocket and retrieved a firearm. The victim threw his hands up in self defense, and was shot in the hand. The suspect fled on foot and the victim and his girlfriend went to the hospital.

An off-duty officer at a local hospital was advised of the patient's circumstances and put out a broadcast over the radio on the suspect and description. Field officers recognized the suspect from the description and knew of a possible location. Officers located the individual, but not the weapon.

He was taken into custody and later arrested and booked into Potter County Detention Center on a charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.