Arnold's Burger-Not the one from Happy Days, re-opens in Amarillo

Mom and pop businesses are still the backbone of this country, but keeping a business going, generation after generation is quickly becoming the exception, not the rule.

After almost 30 years at the same location, Arnold's burgers on Washington in Amarillo, recently re-opened but only the renovations are new...the family and food are still the same.

Here in a small, white non-descript building on Washington sits Arnold's. A family business for 28 years, the sons, nephews, and grandchildren now welcome guests, take orders, make the food, clean the tables, tally up the bill, and wash the dishes. And they wouldn't have it any other way, according to 3rd generation co-owner, Robert Kisselburg.

"Still the same feeling, the grandparents started it and and we keep Arnolds."

Robert's brother Jermey also runs the place and knows the family is the most important ingredient.

"We can't sacrifice quality, we can't sacrifice atmosphere and we can't sacrifice family."

It's a cacophonous choreography in the kitchen with no wasted movements as the same food that's been prepared for decades is served up to new and returning customers, according to the cook, Kenbrick Brown.

"I like sending out good burger and making everyone happy."

"Customers like Patty Humphrey and Sheri Shirley who've been coming here for years on Sheri's birthday...

"They're the best best burgers in town," according to Sheri. "it's the meat. The meat's better."

Besides the burgers, Patty says she especially likes the family connection.

"I haven't found another like it. I don't travel much, but I do like it. I like the family photos."

And it's that entrepreneurial spirit that these brothers believe...sets them apart, according to Jeremy.

"They don't teach that in school anymore. the entrepreneurial spirit. But small business in Amarillo, means more than people realize."

Along with that special ingredients in every meal.

"It's unique. Our flavor, hard to compare," added Robert. "I mean a burger is just a burger, but it's Arnold's. The way our Grandmother made it."

"After 28 years of coming in and out of this place, and now doing it on a daily basis, to be honest, it's a blessing. We're the same place, and we appreciate people coming in and we hope to see them here," said Jermey.

Now the owners say they might consider expanding some day, but for now, they plan on concentrating on their original location on Washington, north of interstate 40.