Armed Forces honored at ANB Sox Stadium

Patriotic songs, a 21-gun salute and a vintage flyover were just a few of the ways the men and women of the U.S. military were given tribute Sunday.

Displaying waving flags and shiny streamers, the America Supports You Texas float caught they eye of everyone walking into Amarillo National Bank Stadium.

"Here at the ballpark today, we're going to honor not only those who sacrificed all but we're going to honor the 42 fallen heroes from this Tri-State area," America Supports You Texas President Jack Barnes said.

Spectators got to hear the Golden Spread Chorus sing patriotic songs and witness more than 40 motorcycles make a round within the baseball field. And after Eunabeth Williamson sang the National Anthem, World War II vintage L-5 aircraft brought applause throughout the stands as they passed over.

"We still have thousands of men and women stationed all over the world protecting us and keeping the freedoms that we have," Sgt. Troy Wilson stated "We cannot take them for granted- ever."

"Every day is Memorial Day, every day is Armed Forces Day, every day is Veteran's Day because we're still at war," Barnes added. "We're still at war in Afghanistan fighting terrorists."

Whether they fought in World War II or enlisted only months ago, men and women, both those with us and those who have passed, were honored and celebrated. Their lives, their love and their sacrifices were brought to light.

"Fellow comrades are still up there in the protected lines serving our country and placing their blood on the line for us and for our freedom," Master Sgt. Armando Tijerina said, "and I ask that you keep them in prayer, as well as their loved ones back home here."

For those wanting to show more support for our veterans, Barnes recommended looking into the Honor Flight that is scheduled for September.