Area schools react quickly to threats

Thursday morning two local school threats put authorities on high alert.

Perryton Junior High received word of a bomb threat around 7:30 a.m., and a rumored text message that supposedly included the word "shooting" forced Hereford High to take immediate action.

"We took it as a serious consideration, we called the police we had more SRO's on campus. We took care of those things because we know that we need to take care of our kids," said Kelli Moulton Hereford ISD Superintendent

Perryton Police released a statement that said, "Area law enforcement responded to the threat and evacuated the building. The building was searched for explosive devices, and the Ochiltree County Sheriff's Office received full cooperation from school authorities and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of our children."

Both schools notified parents of the threats where they had the option of picking up their child.

Authorities told us that even in essence of all that happened Thursday and is happening across the nation, schools are still a safe environment.

"The best and safest place is to have them at school, have them learning and for their day to be as normal as possible," said Moulton. "Nothing produced it's self in this case and nothing bad happened."

While school safety remains a hot topic around the nation, we asked you on our Pronews 7 Facebook page, how safe you felt our schools are:

Crystal said "I have to say, being a parent of junior high and elementary students here in Perryton, we have had two big threats this year and I'm so proud that the police and school staff have taken them seriously."

On another comment, Lisa told us, "I think we all have a false sense of safety in this area, especially in the rural communities."

Susan agreed by saying, "for the most part, I think schools are pretty safe. I think a lot of this is being done for attention and that's the problem that needs to be addressed."

In any case, both districts said they will remain vigilant in protecting students and continue to treat any threat as if it were real, until proven otherwise.