Are you safe from hackers online?

People spend hours on their phones and their computers, but how proactive are they about staying safe online?

Cyber hacking comes in a variety of forms. Scott Erwin, owner of Scottâ??s Custom Computers said the popular ones include phone calls claiming theyâ??re a tech support company, Microsoft, or even your credit card company. Erwin said FBI scam warnings are popular too. â??[They] say that youâ??ve done something wrong, but if you pay this amount by money gram, weâ??ll forget about it,â?? Erwin said.

On a larger scale, cyber hacking can be a threat to national security. The Center for Strategic and International Studies says cyber hacking is responsible for a global loss of $80 to $400 billion. The United States militaryâ??s cyber command is expected to quadruple in size by 2015.

â??Thereâ??s really two different tracks on this. One is what's the role of the military to defend the country in cyber space. And the other one is what can the government do to help make it harder to attack us,â?? said Mac Thornberry, (TX-R).

Erwin said cyber hacking isnâ??t going away soon. He said users are often careless about their actions online.

Erwin suggests changing passwords every month and not using the same password for multiple sites.

If youâ??re on the phone with a scammer, simply hang up. If you suspect there is malicious software on your computer, take it to an IT center to have to looked at.