Are less people flying out of Amarillo?

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport has seen a decrease in passenger boarding for every month so far this year.

There was an 8.8 percent decrease in September.

â??Typically the factors are that the flight schedules don't meet the needs of the people that want to travel and the big thing and probably the most impactful right now is the cost of an airline ticket,â?? said Patrick Rhodes, Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

Wade Wood, an Amarillo resident said people would rather fly out of Amarillo but the cost of tickets and the number of connecting flights are deterrents.

He said having to deal with connecting flights in Dallas or Denver is inconvenient.

Rhodes said there isnâ??t much the airport itself can do to improve the numbers.

â??The airlines, they do a lot of market research and they decide what schedules work for them and what fares they need,â?? Rhodes said.

Despite the differences in cost and frequency of flights, some think traveling to a larger airport isnâ??t worth it.

â??If you fly out of here, you know of know how it operates and you don't mind, but the money you spend on gas driving to a different airport kind of makes up for a more expensive ticket here,â?? said Ty Davis, Amarillo resident.

Rhodes said itâ??s likely they will see an increase in numbers once the holiday traveling begins.