Arbor Home Giveaway canceled

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Arbor Christian Academy has canceled the home giveaway fundraiser due to the disappointing number of tickets sold.

The original plan of the fundraiser was to draw names and have the 25 finalists attend a party at the house, located in City View, on May 12. The person whose key fit into the front door would be given the home on Friday, May 18.

According to the rules and regulations of the giveaway, at least 2,000 tickets had to be purchased by May 11 in order for the fundraiser to continue. As of last Friday, only 1,323 tickets had been sold. Therefore, it was decided the fundraiser would be called off.

"The house will be placed on the market and sold," Trinity Fellowship Director of Communications Kelli Bullard stated.

As for the people who have already bought tickets, they will be receiving refunds within the next month.

"People who have already purchased tickets will be receiving an email explaining to them that we will be refunding their money. And we need to get their name and address and also their ticket number if they have that available," Bullard Said. "So, once they provide us that information by email, we ill be issuing refunds within the next 30 days."

It was announced last week that Arbor Christian Academy will be closing its doors after teaching kids in Amarillo for 24 years. Bullard pointed out both the school and Trinity Fellowship are grateful for those who took part in the fundraiser and showed their support.

"This is part of God's plan," she said. "Thank you for supporting Arbor Christian Academy."

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