Arbor Christian Academy to close after 24 years

The Christian-based school at Trinity Fellowship Church is closing its doors at the end of the semester after teaching children in Amarillo for 24 years.

Church elders made the decision Friday after reviewing some low enrollment numbers. Faculty and staff were notified Sunday, and parents were informed at a meeting Monday night.

The board discussed raising tuition at Arbor Christian Academy, but decided that could possibly lower enrollment even more as opposed to increasing it.

"Any efforts to increase tuition would just cause the decline in enrollment to get even worse," Trinity Fellowship Director of Communications Kelli Bullard stated "And, so, it became a financial issue that we weren't able to meet the operating expenses."

More than 200 students are currently enrolled at the school.

Bullard said Arbor has partnered with San Jacinto Christian Academy to give parents walk-throughs of its facility. Some parents have discussed transferring their children there, as well as Trinity Lutheran Christian School. Others have considered sending their kids to public schools.

"The hundreds of students that have come through our doors have gotten that good, solid teaching and that foundation and have gone out into the community, whether it be Amarillo or elsewhere," Bullard added, "and that's something that's the legacy of Arbor that will continue on."

The Arbor Home Giveaway is one of the school's biggest fundraisers. It is currently underway, but Bullard said the school is required to sell at least 2,000 tickets before giving away the house. If that number of tickets is not purchased, refunds will be given to everyone who has already purchased tickets.