APD: Women's Freedom Ride bike recovered.

Amarillo Police Department Officers recovered two stolen motorcycles in the 4300 block of south Austin. The motorcycles were located in a vacant garage. One bike was blue 2003 Suzuki GXSR 600 with yellow flames painted on the gas tank. The other was the stolen 2004 Harley Davidson motorcycle reported stolen in July.

According to APD, the Harley was reported stolen in July when someone took the motorcycle and the trailer it was on from the parking lot in the Motel 6. The motorcycle belonged to a woman involved in the Women's Freedom Ride and was taken along with a trailer.

Investigators later found the trailer in the 4000 block of south Polk on July 31, 2013. The owner of the property gave police the consent to search his property after a tip led investigators to the fenced in lot. There they found the trailer and parts of the stolen motorcycle. The trailer was found under mattresses and while parts of the motorcycle were found, the Harley itself was not recovered. APD said the owner of the lot was not charged in the offense.

At this time APD is still searching for the owner of the Suzuki GXSR 600. 24 motorcycles have been reported stolen this year according to APD. Nine have been recovered. APD suggests that owners take extra precaution to protect their property especially if it is being kept on an open trailer.