APD: Water bill scam alert

Scammers claims water bills are overdue and want your credit card info


new scam is being reported by Amarillo Police that claims residents water bills are overdue and that their water will be cut off unless they pay over the phone with credit card information.

Several residents have received a call from someone saying they are from the City water billing department. They tell the person that their water bill is overdue and to pay the bill over the phone with credit card information.

At least one person has surrendered their credit card information.

The City would like to remind residents that the Utility Billing office will not ask for financial information over the phone.

Police advise those who get calls like this to hang up. As with all telephone fraud scams, never give out your bank account, credit card or personal information to someone that calls.

Pronews 7 asks that this information should be shared with friends and relatives that be need to know about scams.