APD updates online reporting and public information

Amarillo police have updated the guidelines for residents to make reports or for non-emergency incidents through the police department's website and phone numbers.

To help residents and officers report and deal with incident reports the website has been updated to reflect better communication and up to date information.

"This is not a new service, but was recently updated and we want to remind people of it." said Sgt. Brent Barbee in a press release, Thursday.

Residents are asked to now call 806-378-3038 or 806-373-3083, or by submitting a online report at

The online reporting service now shows a log of live feed of information releases and public information published through the Nixle text and email message system.

For those who want to use the system, log onto the website, drag the mouse to the drop-down menu marked "public" and then click "online reporting."

When calling the non-emergency numbers, the dispatcher will ask if a crime is in progress or not, to determine if a officer is needed.

Some examples of incidents that can be reported are harassing phone calls, assaults not involving family disputes or injuries, interference with child custody and failures to pay child support. Forgeries, embezzlement, vandalism, and identity theft less then $1,500 in damages.

The use of the online reporting system allows uniformed officers to continue to patrol and respond to crimes in progress, traffic accidents and other incidents.