APD, SWAT attempt to locate fugitive in northwest Amarillo

APD command unit in the northwest 12th area. Crews are currently attempting to locate a fugitive in the area.

NEW APD INFORMATION: The incident began at 11: 12 Wednesday night when officers learned the suspect was in the area. APD officers found a vehicle belonging to the suspect and attempted to locate and contact the man through the PA system. Officers were later advised at 1:14 a.m. by an employee of another business in the building that the suspect was attempting to break through a wall between two rooms.

APD said that due to information that the suspect may have access to weapons inside the building, SWAT and APD negotiators were called in to assist. APD has dispatched a robot inside the building. And at approximately 5:10 a.m. officers entered the building and are using chemical agents as they attempt to arrest the suspect.


Amarillo Police Department and SWAT teams are advising Amarillo residents to avoid the 3900 block of northwest 12th.

According to APD, officers have surrounded a building in the area as they attempt to make contact with a person who has a parolve violation warrant who is inside a building directly across the street from Amarillo Area Center For Advanced Learning. APD has blocked off several streets within two blocks of the building the suspect is believed to be inside.

APD said AACAL staff and students will not have access to the school building until the event is resolved. Those attempting access other buildings in the area may not be able to access those businesses as you will not be allowed to drive through the area.

At this time north Western street is open to normal traffic but some areas to the east are blocked off on 10th and 12th.

We have a crew heading to the scene and will provide updated information as it is released.