APD question individual making terroristic threat in downtown Amarillo

Right now, Amarillo police officers are questioning a man they say made a terroristic threat near the Chase Building in downtown Amarillo.

UPDATE: 6/5/14 9:45 A.M.:

The male suspect is identified as Eric John Davis, 27, who does not list a home address. He was arrested and charged with Terroristic Threats and Criminal Trespassing. Davis was booked into Potter County Correction Center.

UPDATE: 6/4/14 5:50 P.M.:

APD said the man walked into the Chase Building this afternoon and started talking about homemade bombs. Police said the man never made any direct threats and was carrying a plastic bag with him, but he did not indicate he had a bomb on him.

Bank members told police the man in his 20s had visited them earlier today talking about how he knew how to make bombs and kill people. He was given a trespass warning and asked not to return. This afternoon, however, he came back with a plastic bag making the same statements.

Police said the man walked to the bus station, but did not appear to make any threats there.

That's when police were called and found himin the bathroom of the bus station. The man was arrested for trespassing and making terroristic threats.

Police said they had no reason to evacuate any of the employees in the Chase Building and that the bomb squad was not called in because no evidence of any bomb was found.


Right now, Amarillo police officers are questioning a man they say made a terroristic threat in downtown Amarillo.

APD officers are outside the Chase Building investigating the threat.

Scanner traffic indicated a man had a device and was making threats. Police were on alert and have nowreported there is no device on him.

Police told Pronews 7 that the suspect is now in custody. This individual has a history of contact with APD, and may have mental health issues.

Pronews 7 has a crew on scene, and we'll bring you more as it develops.