APD offers tips to protect your property

Amarillo Police Department burglary investigators want to inform the public of useful ways to protect yourself and personal property.

According to APD initial figures show that burglars select targets by driving around neighborhoods and watching people, waiting for them to back out of their driveways and leave their homes. The criminals may then knock on doors to make sure no one is home and break in if no one answers the door.

APD said if you notice any suspicious activity to contact police. If you notice a vehicle that appears to be prowling around or if people appear to be watching your neighborhood, note a description such as the make, model, plate number and color of a vehicle and contact the non-emergency police number at 378-3038 to report what you have seen.

APD said reporting suspicious activity does not require an informant to leave a name or have an officer come by an informant's residence.

Burglary investigators said that they have difficulty identifying or returning stolen items when owners cannot provide detailed descriptions of stolen property. Television sets and other electronics may have serial and brand number, but jewelry is more difficult to describe, identify and return. They say to provide specific information about stolen jewelry to make it more likely to be returned. You may even consider taking photographs or keeping photos and descriptions of the pieces of jewelry from catalogs or web sites.

APD said helping identify criminals before and returning stolen property are important ways to help stop burglary.