APD: New scam targets elderly Amarillo residents

According to the Amarillo Police Department a new scam is targeting elderly Amarillo residents.

APD said reports on the new scam recently surfaced after calls from Amarillo residents came in indicating they were contacted by an unknown caller stating that their grandchild had been arrested. The unknown caller claims to be from the Amarillo Police Department and identifies the grandchild by name, APD said.

During the call, the caller informs the person that their grandchild was arrested for a narcotic violation and successfully passed a drug screening but is still in need of money to bond them out of jail. The caller then says a representative will stop by shortly to pick up the money for bail.

APD wants to inform Amarillo citizens that they do not call people to pick up bond money, so do not get caught in a scam. APD said that even though Caller ID information can be manipulated make sure you get a name and phone number if you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the Amarillo Police Department. You can then look up the number yourself or contact the alleged agency that attempted to contact you for verification.

APD is reminding citizens to be very cautious when identifying relatives to any person over the phone. If you encounter a situation such as this, be sure to contact other family members to verify information.