APD: Neighborhood communication helped capture burglary suspect

Amarillo Police Department has released the name of the suspect involved in a string of burglaries in the Puckett neighborhood of Amarillo.

27-year-old Cameron Denton is accused of now faces charges of burglary of a habitation and criminal trespass. Amarillo Police Department said residents off Carlton and Danbury played a crucial role in capturing the suspect.

"Fortunately we had people, neighbors that were out and about and watching quickly picked up the phone and called which helped tremendously with us getting there, getting that response as quick as we did and be able to catch the guy as he's running for another house," said APD Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

Puckett neighbors of the home involved in the standoff agree.

"Woke up and heard the cops out here saying if you're in the house come out with your hands up. Though it was a joke or something so I went to the door and saw the cops standing in my yard. About 2:30 p.m. I think is when the SWAT team came and got me out," said Carlton Drive resident Isiah Nolan.

Homeowners around the 3500 block of Carlton said it was communication between neighbors and a neighborhood watch system that helped capture the burglary suspect.

"Next door neighbor, the seventh grader Brock, he had identified someone that looked suspicious in the neighborhood when he was looking out, of course he was studying, but he was looking out," said Nolan.

"We see something going on we'll call the neighbors and make sure they're supposed to be there. That's exactly what happened, a neighbor saw somebody that wasn't supposed to be there and he called the cops on him," said Carlton Drive resident Scott Biard.

Officers say the home security alerts and phone calls they received worked in conjunction with their directed patrols to help make an arrest.

"We do use the directed patrol, specifically for residential burglaries, we will continue with our directed patrol for the unforeseeable future. We will continue that program, it's been very successful," said Neufeld.


long with effective neighborhood communication and home alarm systems, APD said there are other measures residents can take to ensure their safety.

"Checking the dead bolt locks, the strength of the strike plate, the length of the screws, things like that just some proactive things that homeowners can do to make their home more secure



said Neufeld.

APD also offers home safety inspections for residents of the city.