APD investigates 'pigeon drop' scam

Amarillo Police Department is currently investigating a scam known as pigeon drop after an elderly man was conned out of his money earlier today.

According to APD the scam started Wednesday when two black males approached an elderly man in the parking lot of Walgreen's on Hillside and Bell. The men told the elderly man that they were from South Africa and had $50,000. They informed the man that they were trying to return to South Africa but could not take the $50,000 with them so they were giving the money to the poor.

They then told the man to withdraw money from his bank account to prove he was trustworthy and they would then give the money to him. The elderly man withdrew money from his account, gave it to the men who then left without giving the man the $50,000.

APD has released this description of the suspects. They were both wearing white shirts, one of the men was wearing a tie. One of the suspects may have acted like he worked at Walgreen's and may have been in an older model white mini-van. APD has received an unconfirmed report that the suspects may have been at Wal-Mart on Interstate 27.

Elderly people are commonly the targets for this scam. A second or third person may be present during the approach to help convince the victim to handing over their money in return for a larger sum of money. APD said, the victim would give the suspects the money and the suspects would give the victim a package that does not contain money.

No arrests have been made at this time.

APD is asking anyone with information about this crime to contact Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.