APD crime stats show gender differences in homicide rates

According to Amarillo Police Department, homicides are on the rise, although the numbers aren't alarming. Due to a small sample of homicides, excluding justifiable crimes as indicated by law, the numbers aren't far off from national averages.

In 2011, 6 males committed a homicide, while only 2 women and one unknown perpetrator committed a violent act. In 2012, 9 males committed a homicide, while only one female and one unknown perpetrator committed violent acts.

Dr. Keith Price, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology at West Texas A&M University, says that 90% of violent criminal acts are committed by men.

While female-committed homicides are on the decline, local officials are noticing a correlation between drug crimes and women. "Increases that we've seen in the last half decade about female criminality are all related to drugs", says Price. APD has also noticed more female involvement in drug-related crimes.

"Problems that develop out of drug offenses involve females to a greater degree now than in the past", says Sgt. Brent Barbee of APD.


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, men are more inclined to commit violent crimes due to biological and sociological factors.

"Part of that is biological it relates to hormones, testosterone, the fight or flight hormone that men certainly have in abundance, where women only have small parts of it", says Price.

Price says society socializes men and women differently in terms of aggression. "W

here a certain amount of violence Is acceptable in a son's behavior, it's discouraged in a daughters behavior".