APD, City of Amarillo begin warrant roundup

The City of Amarillo along with the Amarillo Police Department will participate in the Texas State Warrant Roundup which begins today.

According to APD, anyone with out standing Amarillo Municipal Court warrants will receive a notice postcard in the mail now through March 3, 2014. Those who receive this notice will be advised to contact the court and clear them before APD officers begin serving them.

On March 3, APD officers will be assigned to find those with outstanding warrants. APD said, the officers will be in uniform and will locate people at their homes, places of employment or any other locations they can be contacted.

During warrant roundup 2013, 4,416 warrants were cleared. According to the City of Amarillo Municipal Court Administrator, Victoria Medley, there are currently 35,638 outstanding Municipal Court warrants.

To see a complete list of all Municipal Court warrants, visit the City of Amarillo's Municipal Court web page. If you are on the list, you can clear the warrant by contacting the court. APD said the court is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Traffic and parking citation fines can be paid online here.

During this time APD would like to remind everyone that the City of Amarillo and the Amarillo Police Department do not ask for any financial information over the phone. If you are contacted by someone posing to be a police officer, court employee or city official, hang up immediatly. The court or APD will never allow someone to make payment arrangements or pay over the phone.

If you have questions about outstanding warrants, call the City of Amarillo Municipal Court at 378-9342.