APD: Beware of the 'One Ring Phone Scam'

Amarillo Police Department is warning area residents to beware of missed phone calls on your cell phone.

It is a due to the newest scam sweeping across the nation called the "One Ring Phone Scam". According to APD, a person will receive a phone call in which the phone will ring only one time and the scammer will hang up. The person that missed the call will then call the number back and will be connected to an international call and face several charges.

APD said the initial charge is $19.95 for calling internationally and then the caller can receive an additional charge of $9.00 or more for every minute the person stays on the call. Due to the fact that the person called back after missing the call, APD said there is nothing that can be done to recover any expenses they received.

To avoid this scam, APD said to beware any calls from the following area codes: 268, 284, 473, 809, & 876.