APD and AFD enforce firework ban on Amarillo residents


Amarillo Police Department is working with the Amarillo Fire Department to remind residents that fireworks are not permitted within city limits, especially during the upcoming 4th of July holiday.


he 30-year old ordinance, passed by the
City of Amarillo, prohibits the possession, manufacture, storage, sale, or use of any fireworks within the city. Amarillo residents worried about their fireworks can use the "Fireworks Amnesty Program" which allows them to schedule a pickup with APD officers to surrender illegal fireworks. All surrendered items will be properly disposed in accordance with the City of Amarillo fire code.

APD said that novelty items such as pops, snaps, poppers, and other noisemakers are not considered fireworks and are not subject to fines. They do, however, say that these items are subject to inspection should they resemble illegal fireworks.

"If you're caught with fireworks, you're probably going to get a citation, if you


re out popping them you're going to get a citation

," said APD Cpl. Jerry Neufeld. "If you'

re going to go out and purchase them


make arrangements to pop them somewhere out in the county with permission from that landowner. You just can't pull over on the side of the road and use them."