Anti-war activist passes through Amarillo

American antiwar activist, Cindy Sheehan passed through Amarillo Monday with the Tour de Peace to speak about her continuing quest for peace.

Sheehan made national news in 2005 with her vow to camp outside President George W. Bushâ??s Texas Ranch until the president told her for what noble cause her son had died in Iraq.

The bike ride started from her son Casey Sheehanâ??s grave in Vacaville, California and will end in Washington D.C. to demand positive changes. On the route, they plan on stopping in different cities to spread peace and encourage others to fight to end the violence in our country.

â??We started on the 9


anniversary of my sonâ??s death in Iraq and the pain never gets easier,â?? said Sheehan. â??But I think the key to it is finding something that you can do that will make the world a better place in honor of your child that died.â??

Sheehan stopped in Amarillo Monday along with three other members of the Tour de Peace and stood outside the military recruitersâ?? offices at 200 Westgate Parkway. There they hoped to stop those thinking about joining the military from doing so.

Sheehan expects to arrive in Washington D.C. on July 3


where tour members plan on congregating at Arlington Cemetery.

â??There will we demand that wars be ended, persecution of whistle blowers be ended, immunity for war criminals be ended, use of fossil fuel be ended,â?? said Rusty Tomlinson a tour member.

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