Another Chance House is building more duplexes for veterans.

Another chance house is helping one man who needs there help, at a time.

â??From little boys we're taught that boys don't cry that you suppress emotions and feeling and you don't know how to learn to deal with that so it's basically coming in with child-like mentalities and learning how to deal with life on life's terms,â?? said Bobby Dixon the Resident Manager of Another Chance House

Helping men is the programâ??s mission, with veterans more at risk of becoming homeless, Amarilloâ??s Another Chance House is stepping in, hoping to combat the problem by building duplexes for the veterans.

â??We provide housing for homeless men and our mission is to help provide a path for self-sufficient way of life and this victory duplex project is just part of the way we do it,â?? said Nixon.

The Victory Duplexes arenâ??t just temporary homes, those who choose to stay and make a home there, may.

â??The duplexes are actually long term, the veterans as long as they follow the rules of Another Chance House, then they can stay here as long as they like,â?? said Nixon.

Since the Victory duplexes were built in May, Another Chance House has moved in six veterans into their new homes and more are under construction.

â??We've moved in six veterans since may, the next two under construction should be completed by the middle if January of 2013 and we'll be ready to move four more veterans in,â?? said Dixon, â??Words can't describe it to be able to provide something to someone so broken and so beaten from life it's just an amazing feeling words don't describe it.â??

The program does a lot more than provide a roof over the menâ??s heads it also provides a way to find themselves.

â??It allows you to number one clean up your past, because you can't move forward until you do. But, it allows you to realize who you truly are and what you're supposed to be doing in life,â?? said Nixon.