Annual city preparedness event aims to keep community safe and informed

Amarillo/Potter/Randall Emergency Management hosts 3rd annual event during National preparedness month to keep community safe and informed. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington)

Sometimes it can be more effective to show, rather than tell.

"Part of what we're doing here is just to interact with our citizens in the community and help them be better prepared," Amarillo/Potter/Randal Director of Emergency Management, Chip Orton said.

Displays like the one Xcel Energy had today, helps people get a better idea of what can happen when a disaster strikes, or in reference to their display, what can happen getting electrocuted.

"You don't realize just how bad it could be until we saw that demonstration," Event Attendee, Tammy Chamberlain said.

"We have folks from city departments, other partners of ours [like] The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Pantex and others that all will give their angle on how to be prepared," Orton said.

"We want to make sure that kids are aware of what we look like if we're coming into a burning house," Volunteer Potter County Firefighter, Steven Denny said. "We show them what we look like with our gear on," he said.

"I like to make sure my kids know the awareness of everything that is possibly going on in this city at all times," EMS First Responder, Jason Neuseh said.

And personal experiences have stressed the importance of emergency preparedness for some.

"There was a gas leak on one of the main pipes in Bushland, and it blew up," Chamberlain said.

This showed Chamberlin that disasters can truly strike at any moment.

"We weren't that close to it, but it was so bad that it blew out our gas lines at our house," Chamberlain said.

"A lot of what we can have happen in our area are sudden on-set incidents," Orton said.

Starting today, the Emergency Management Office says they'll take new steps to aid the community during unexpected times.

"We are forming a community emergency response team, or CERT," Orton said.

This team will allow community members to be more engaged, with responsive actions when the community may need it most.

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