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      Animals in Amarillo looking for forever homes

      W hat started out as a casual 4th grade newspaper read, turned into an animal rescue organization called Dawgs. The shelter helps find homes for hundreds of animals a year.

      A nimal lover Brenda Woodroffe didn't intend to bring home a four-legged friend, but when she stepped into Pet Smart for an 'adoptathon' everything changed.

      " W e just came to see and to say hi to Diane and the gang, but this one's drawing some heart strings. So this one may go home," Woodroffe said.

      W oodroffe has three other adopted dogs at home, and sa id there's an increase in stray animals just within her neighborhood.

      " W e live in an area where people keeping dumping off cats, dogs ," she said.

      Dawgs Director Diane Troll said the idea came from the curiosity of a group of 4th-graders.

      " T hey were reading the newspaper , and there was all these dogs that were going to get euthanized and they said , ' what happens to them ?'" she said. "I tried to tell them as nice as I could and I told them 'go tell your parents to adopt,' and they said, 'Is there anything we can do?'"

      A ccording to Troll, nearly eight million animals need forever homes in the U.S., fortunately pet-owners like Woodroffe are willing to make a little room.

      " T hey're special ," she said. "T hey're more special than any dog you can get from any breeder, from a pet store. They have more love."

      Troll said nearly 20 percent of dogs that need to be adopted are pure breed and there are about 750 just within her shelter.