Animal rights groups angry at city

Animal rights activists at the animal control board meeting wore ribbons to remember victims of what they said is against state law. The activists are demanding proper enforcement of regulations.

Monday, several animal rights groups demanded enforcement of current animal control regulations.

They attended the animal control board meeting to try to influence the agenda for upcoming meetings.

They alleged the animal control board is being mismanaged and that animals are not being euthanized properly.

They wore ribbons to remember the victims of what they said is against state law.

One board member said some of animal control management is on administrative leave and that accusations are allegations.

"Our rescue group stands up for these animals and we're trying to get that chance, give the animals a second chance, a second chance at life," Bonnie Hancock, an animal activist said.

The Amarillo Police Department is conducting an investigation into the matter.

The City of Amarillo has refused comment.