Animal Control Board brainstorming on pet registration fees

Residents are holding officials responsible for making changes to the way the City of Amarillo operates its Animal Control facility, but now the Amarillo Animal Control Board plans to hold pet owners responsible for registering their pets.

Vice Chair of the Board Andrea Gulley said they're only exploring ideas of how to implement this city-wide.

She said, 1, most likely this would be a yearly requirement for pet owners; 2, this would cost pet owners a yearly fee that could be as high as $150; and, 3, the Board said other cities have used third party vendors to help register pets.

"Our role is to hear from the community, do our research, come up with a proposal and give it to the city commission and ultimately they make the decision. But really, right now, we're looking at what other cities have done and what might work here in Amarillo.

Pronews 7 talked to some Amarillo residents who say they like that the Board is brainstorming ideas, although they have some concerns.